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This initial survey contains a lot of essential information which is used to identify the customer’s need and suggest a suitable washing plant.

1. How many tons of raw materials need to be processed?

2. What is the hourly / weekly production required?

3. What is the percentage of sand / stone?

4. What is the maximum size of the raw material?

5. How many sand cuts are requested and of what size?

6. Are there any specifications for this sand? If the customer has an existing plant, is their product compliant to set standards and of what size?

7. How many stone cuts are requested and of what size?

8. Is there clay and silt in the raw material?

9. Is it possible to screen the raw material to separate the dry products? Can a standard mobile screener be used at the head of the plant?

10. Is a screening assay available? (If not, please provide one for a plant calculation)

11. Is there an adequate water supply at the site?

12. How will the mud / wastewater be managed?


13. What is the current use of water? (If the customer already has a washing plant on site, the amount of water and the size of the pump will give an indication if the customer doesn’t know)

14. Is a town planning permit necessary? If so, what is the schedule? Are there any restrictions on the washing plant (noise levels, heights, schedule of operation)?

15. What is the customer’s current factory? (Full details of the type of machines and current issues).